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What to Expect.

Unlike a typical hospital, your recovery treatment would take place within a rural Indiana home setting. Many find this environment to be ideal for mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

You would become fully immersed in our 30-day treatment program. We have a low client-staff ratio and our staff is caring and compassionate.

Continued treatment, when appropriate, is provided in our Transitional Residential Program and in our Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program.


Next Step.

We begin with a free assessment of you and your addiction, using the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria.

We will identify your needs and determine your appropriate level of care. If we find that you are committed to recovery and we can help, we will continue with your admission.

We know you may be feeling scared and overwhelmed during this transition. Our team is ready to help you at each step and to be a resource for your family and loved ones.


About Your Stay.

How long will I be here?

The average length of stay is four to six weeks. However, we do offer programs that extend beyond that if needed.

What do I bring?

To make your stay at Tara more comfortable, you should bring the following items in a single suitcase:

  • Appropriate casual clothing (Closed toe shoes are required for participation in equine therapy)
  • Shower shoes (flip flops)
  • Closed-toe shoes (for recreation and equine therapy)
  • Cash (recommended not to exceed $50) for incidentals
  • 12-step literature (literature can also be obtained at the facility)
  • Photo identification
  • Insurance card
  • Paper, stamps and envelopes
  • Toiletries (soap, lotion, solid deodorant, tooth paste and alcohol free mouth wash, etc.)
  • Laundry detergent (supplies are also available for purchase)
  • Pre-paid calling card
  • All current medications with refills and/or written prescriptions
  • Sodas and snacks (one bag)
  • Notebook and pen
What can't I bring?
  • No drugs, alcohol, or mood altering substances of any kind, including paraphernalia. No guns or weapons, including knives, of any kind. If any and these items are brought onto the premises, they will be confiscated and destroyed immediately.
  • Loose tobacco, rolling papers, or cigars of any kind
  • Electronic cigarettes 
  • Cell phones
  • Valuable jewelry
  • Electronic watches (i.e. Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.)
  • Revealing clothing, clothing with alcohol, drug or sexually suggestive messages
  • Radio, iPod, camera, recreational reading material, laptop
  • Materials pertaining to hobbies, i.e. musical instruments, knitting, drawing, etc.
  • Nail polish or polish remover 
  • Aerosol products of any kind, including aerosol hairspray and aerosol shaving cream
  • Liquid hairspray containing alcohol
  • Colognes, perfumes or any products containing alcohol
  • Please don't bring shampoo, conditioner, or body wash; these are provided
  • Essential oils
  • Blankets, pillows, or other types of bedding
  • Towels and wash cloths
Can I receive mail?

Yes. Mail is distributed Monday through Friday. You will be required to open all packages in the presence of a staff member and they will be searched for contraband. Your family may send mail to your attention at:
Tara Treatment Center 6231 South U.S. 31, Franklin, Indiana 46131

Can I use the telephone?

Yes, but phone calls are limited and based upon a tier system. Individuals gain increased phone privileges as they progress through treatment.

Can I watch television or listen to the radio?

Use of the television and radio are permitted at designated times.

Can I bring a cellphone?

Cell phones are not permitted while in the Residential Program.

Can I bring books or magazines?

You may bring any literature pertaining to the 12-steps. You may also bring a Bible if you choose. No other reading material is permitted unless authorized by your counselor.

Can I buy cigarettes?

We do not sell cigarettes at Tara, but family members or other visitors can bring them to you.

Can I smoke?

Smoking (cigarettes only) is permitted in designated areas only.

Will I need money?

We recommend having no more than $50 for incidental purchases.

Can I have visitors or can they call me?

We offer you the opportunity to make phone calls and write and receive personal mail. In-person family visitation is held on Wednesdays from 2 to 4 p.m.  In order to accommodate visitation for both the men and women's program, we alternate weeks so that clients can meet with their families every other week. Children may be included in the visits. During this time, a one-hour informative and required education session is offered for family members followed by one hour of visitation. A complete guideline for family visitation will be provided upon admission to the program.

Recover in Serenity.

Nestled on 13 rural acres just south of Indianapolis, our home-like facility has been a haven for people struggling to overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs since 1985. Our tranquil location provides a refuge where individuals can learn a new way of life.



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