Facts About Addiction and Recovery

July 21, 2023 Tara Treatment Center l Franklin, Indiana

Facts About Addiction and Recovery l Tara Treatment Center

Addiction can often seem like something that happens in other places, but the truth is, addiction is everywhere. It’s not limited to big cities, or certain types of people. Like many other disorders, it can affect anyone. 

Although there are stereotypes and negativity surrounding substance use disorders, for the recovery community, there’s also much hope. Hope of creating and maintaining relationships with loved ones and friends. Hope of becoming themselves again. Hope of living successful lives away from addiction.

At Tara Treatment Center, we strive to blend hope with the facts to create the best chance of success for our clients.

With the strong feelings surrounding addiction, including both stigma and hope, sometimes the facts seem to get lost in the shuffle. 

There are several critical facts that are important to know about addiction and treatment. Even if you aren’t in active addiction or recovery yourself, chances are, you probably know someone who’s affected by this disorder, so it’s important to be knowledgeable. 

  1. Addiction is a disease.
  2. No matter how addiction begins, it affects the individual’s brain in a way that will urge them to continue using it even when there are negative consequences.
  3. Treatment is available, although there are no quick fixes or single solutions to addiction. Treatment can include inpatient and outpatient options.
  4. Recovery is possible. 
  5. The first step to recovery is recognizing the need for help.
  6. Recovery is a lifelong journey, and a commitment that requires honesty, trust and hard work.

In order to fight the stigma of addiction, it’s important to know the facts and be knowledgeable about what addiction really is: a treatable disease with multiple ways to reach recovery. With honesty, hard work, trust, and commitment, individuals in active addiction can change their future and lead successful and fulfilling lives. If you or someone you know needs help, the best way is to reach out and start the conversation.


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